Static Park Rules

Loss or damage:

Studfold are not responsible for any loss or damage to your property by theft or otherwise or for personal injury. This does not however affect your rights if loss or damage or personal injury occurred through fault on our part.

License agreements for owners:

Owners of static caravans at Studfold have all signed a license agreement. Anyone buying a caravan already sited at Studfold or bringing a caravan onto Studfold will be required to sign a new license agreement.

Owners of caravans on seasonal pitches at Studfold have all signed a seasonal pitch license agreement. Anyone bringing a caravan onto a seasonal pitch at Studfold will be required to sign a new seasonal pitch license agreement.

Copies of both license agreements are available upon request and two copies must be signed and agreed to before any caravans are purchased or sited at Studfold.

Studfold caravan park rules for static and seasonal caravans:

  • There is no access across other owners’ grass areas for bikes or cars.
  • It is acceptable to attach an awning to a touring caravan but the grass has to be maintained by lifting the ground sheet and/or removing the awning on a regular basis.
  • The speed limit from the bridge and around the park is 5mph. The one-way system around the park should be adhered to.
  • Small children must be supervised within the caravan park and when using the toilet facilities.
  • Dogs are welcome at Studfold but have to be kept on a lead and walked away from the site. Any mess has to be removed and disposed of by the dog owner/walker, including on the roadway up to the bridge, and when on the footpaths in farmers’ fields. Dogs are not allowed in the toilet and shower block; they must be tethered outside.
  • Please note that it may be necessary or desirable to change or add to our park rules, and we may change the park rules at any time by giving written notice.
  • Hot water may not be removed from the toilet blocks. Hosepipes may only be connected to the standpipes around the field.
  • The toilet and shower block is a no smoking building.
  • Quiet time in the caravan park is by 11pm.
  • Cycles are permitted but should also follow the traffic regulations.
  • No items can be stored under your caravan as these can be potential fire hazards.
  • It is your responsibility to cut the grass regularly on your pitch and keep your caravan, balcony, and outside storage boxes looking clean and well maintained. There is an option, for an extra charge, for Studfold to cut your grass for you.
Blayshaw Gill at Studfold