Trees donated to Studfold for Nidderdale Project

1,200 trees have been kindly donated to Studfold from Harrogate Rotary Club as part of the 'Trees for Nidderdale Project'. Terry Knowles from HRC organised the delivery and coding of all the trees; while Volunteers from Nidderdale AONB, organised by Paul Mosley kindly gave their time to plant 550 trees over a period of 2 days. Luckily the weather was fantastic and everyone really enjoyed the experience.

The remaining 650 were planted by the army apprentice college– 18th platoon – a credit to Cpl Sutherland; and AONB and HRC volunteers. Thanks must also be given to Richard and Sue Langley and the Blayshaw team who gave their time to fence off new large areas for the trees and also for their assistance in planting.

The Broad leaf trees are a great asset to Studfold and Upper Nidderdale. A haven for many varieties of flora and fauna to develop in new habitats and also they will help to offset the carbon footprint of visitors to Studfold.

'It will be a pleasure to watch them grow - if not in my lifetime - but my children's! We are all custodians of our own environments'.  Anne Challis                                         

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Tree planting at Studfold, Nidderdale

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