The 2024 Fairy and Pixie Adventure begins…

The fairies and pixies live at Studfold all year round. But from 20th April 2024 until the end of the summer holidays, something extra wonderful happens when lots more fairy houses start magically appearing, each with a story to tell about a Studfold fairy or pixie.

Fairy houses at Studfold Adventure TrailThis year, there will be seven new fairy doors to discover. Peep through the doorway and imagine how the fairies and pixies live in each intricately decorated home. Look out for the new Shoe Fairy too!

Come and find out what happens in the story of Daniel and the Messles. Or maybe you’d like to make a fairy wish and plant it in the fairy wish garden?

To book your adventure, click on the Book Trail button at the top of this page. Don’t forget to dress up in your twinkly, fairy and pixie clothes; we’ve got fairy wings for you to buy too.

Thanks to everyone who visited for the Great Easter Egg Hunt, braving the horrible weather. We really enjoyed meeting you all!

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