Extra Fairy and Pixie
Adventures Coming Soon

This year, the magical mayhem on the Adventure Trail will start as soon as the Covid-19 situation is over and it’s safe for us to open our gates. And this time, our fairy and pixie adventure event sees the arrival of a very special rainbow fairy castle!

Studfold Fairy

As well as lots and lots of fairy houses magically appearing in the woods at Studfold as all the fairies from far and wide come to play, our special summertime rainbow magic will turn the woods into a glorious multicolour enchantment. Come and see the rainbow towers next to the fairy waterfall and learn all about the colour fairies. Can you see bright yellow primrose fairy? Watch out for the beautiful blue kingfisher pixie and shy violet heather fairy!

If the sun is in the right place, you’ll learn how they make the rainbow by sprinkling their fairy dust in the waterfall. And where there’s a rainbow, that can only mean one thing – GOLD. Can you see the goldminer’s house? And his gleaming pots? He makes them deep in Studfold woods, and you’ll be able to see them this summer, all through the school holidays. We can’t wait for you to join us. Come in your fairy dress-up costumes if you’d like to, with your extra smiley faces, for your special fairy and pixie adventure at Studfold.

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