Trail Rules

In order for us to make your visit as special, and as safe, as possible, we ask that you please take notice of our following rules:

  • Children MUST be closely supervised at all times.
  • Please do not touch, climb or sit on any stone walls.
  • Please do not climb or sit on the fences.
  • Please follow the clearly marked trail and cut walkways.
  • Please do not touch or feed any farm animals.
  • Maximum number of people allowed in the bird hide at any one time is 9.
  • The tractors/diggers/buggies are only to be used by children aged 3 to 11 years.
  • Hardhats must be worn when using the go-karts.
  • Sand should be moved from one pit to another but not unloaded elsewhere.
  • Please do not mix sand with straw or wood shavings.
  • Children in the barn, on the bales or play equipment must have adult supervision. Choose equipment for the correct age of the child.
  • Den building must be completed under adult supervision.
  • Please supervise all children in the eco toilets near the barn/play area.
  • Please take litter home with you or if necessary, leave in the bins provided.
  • Please do not pick wild flowers or kill anything that lives.
  • Cars are left in the car park at your own risk.
  • There is a first aid kit at the play area, near the straw bales. Please inform staff at Reception if this has been used.
  • Dogs on leads allowed. Please pick up and dispose of any mess.
  • No smoking or vaping.
  • No barbeques or fires.
Blayshaw Gill at Studfold