School and Group Visits

Groups are welcome to visit Studfold on weekdays during term time. We take pride in sharing the Nidderdale experience with a wide range of educational groups, because it's such a special place to explore, discover and learn. Studfold has senior staff who are qualified teachers who hold a CEVAS qualification.

Learning and development

School and group visits to StudfoldStudfold Adventure Trail has been designed to help support the Primary National Curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stage. Allowing young children to value and respect the environment that surrounds them is central to every aspect of Studfold.

The Trail encourages children to become successful learners through a diverse range of interactive and fun activities, and is, in effect, an outdoor classroom. There are many opportunities for individual or group work here, which also promote confidence and feelings of self-worth.

A visit to Studfold at the start or end of a module of work linked to the environment or countryside is an exciting way to teach many essential key skills. There is ample opportunity for cross curricular links, and the diverse range of activities allows breadth of learning and curriculum progression.

We have a range of differentiated cluesheets for different age groups and a general Activity Exploring Sheet.


Education practitioners of pre-school groups will find Studfold an exciting way to cover a number of areas in the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. The explore, discover and learn Trail is the perfect outdoor environment for encouraging communication and learning. Through exploration and investigation, children gain a knowledge and understanding of the outdoor world and much more.

Language and literacy opportunities are everywhere on the Trail: the giant’s storytelling chair, and fairy stories, myths and legends thread through the Trail and its Village of Two Stone Wishes.

The stimulating and challenging outdoor, natural environment offers children mental stimulation, encourages creative and critical thinking, and promotes physical exercise. There is so much opportunity for active learning and positive interactions with others.

The Trail is also highly interactive, with fun information points, including about native mammals, birds, wild flowers, grasses, trees, geology, mini-beasts and woodland, and a viewing point. There is an interactive Victorian farmer’s barn, a fantastic picnic and play area for children to be social together, as well as clues to unravel, footprints to follow and smelly-feely-boxes to smell and feel!

Funding for groups

School and group visits to Studfold

We are delighted to be able to offer free entry for the first 25 group visits each year. We require all group visits to be for a minimum of six students, aged from pre-school to 16 years, for a minimum of two hours, and an evaluation form to be completed at the end of the visit. We recommend you book with us as soon as possible to take advantage of this funding. 

Please download our leaflet to find out more.

Further information

  • Staff may pre-book a day visit to gather information.
  • Risk Assessments and Accessibility Statements are available on request.
  • Download the Access to Farms for teachers and other group leaders code of practice information leaflet
  • We have designed a number of printable activity sheets to extend your Studfold experience.
  • A camping site is available for residential visits, as well as bookable outdoor activities in Nidderdale.
  • Please see our Trail events, for further opportunities for learning and activities.


Pre-school child £7.50, one adult free per three children. Extra adults £8.50 each.

Primary school children £7.50, one adult free per six children. Extra adults £8.50 each.

All prices include VAT.

Groups visits are only available midweek during North Yorkshire school term times.

An ideal group size would be 20 – 45, divided into smaller groups of 6 – 8 on arrival. Please ring to discuss the details with us. If you are interested in a group visit, please speak to Anne Challis, one of our designers of the trail and a practising teacher, on 01423 755228.