Two Stone Wishes Fairy Villages

Are you ready for an extra adventure, to discover the secrets of the Two Stone Wishes Fairy Villages? In the sparkling woodland of Studfold, North Yorkshire, fairies and pixies scamper amongst the green thickets. Let nature weave her magic and you’ll discover their trail, what life is like for fairies and all their wonderful stories.

Welcome to Studfold’s fairy adventure

Fairy Houses at Studfold Adventure TrailDon’t forget to dress up in your twinkly, fairy clothes; we’ve got fairy wings for you to buy too. But most importantly, don’t forget your extra-bright and shiny eyes to see the fairies with. First, you’ll need the code to unlock the enchanted gate from the Adventure Trail, and then, as you go by the trail keeper’s cottage, the magic is yours, just waiting for you to find.

There are so many fairy doors and houses to look out for, and stories to discover. Do you know what happens in the story of Daniel and the Messles, when Daniel throws two stones into the water? Find out by throwing your own two stones in. Maybe you’d like to make your own fairy wish and plant it in the fairy wish garden too? The fairies welcome all new wishes!

The fairies and pixies live at Studfold all year round. But from mid April until the end of the summer holidays, something extra wonderful happens when lots more fairy houses start magically appearing, each with a story to tell about a Studfold fairy. You can’t move for fairy mischief and mayhem in the woods!

Watch out in the fairy season too for the new rainbow castle and secret gold mine. At last you’ll be able to discover where the pots of gold come from, that are buried at the ends of rainbows!

All fairies, pixies, book characters, and children who dress up as themselves, are welcome at Studfold.

Fairy Houses at Studfold Adventure Trail

A Studfold Pixie