And so much more

There’s so much to see and do at Studfold Adventure Trail here in the Yorkshire Dales, it really would be a shame if you were to miss something exciting.

Giant Hedgehog Studfold Adventure Trail

To help you not miss anything, we’ve put together a few of the things we like to do at Studfold that you might want to do too.

Historical barn and vintage tractor at Studfold

  • Treat yourself to a hot chocolate and a lump of cake.
  • Discover the story of Daniel & The Messles.
  • Visit the historical, interactive barn and experience olden-days farming life.
  • Investigate the smelly-feely-boxes.
  • Discover the secret place and claim your reward.
  • Write a wish on a piece of paper and plant it in the fairy wish garden.
  • Keep really quiet in the bird hide, wait for a bird to come along and see if you can identify it.
  • Have a go at telling the time with the time shadow clock.
  • Follow the giant foot prints.
  • Dare to walk through the fox’s mouth.
  • Play I-spy in Upper Nidderdale, from the viewing point.
  • Look out for the giant spider’s web! 
  • Bug hunting at Studfold Adventure TrailUse the clues to find the giant, friendly hedgehog and discover his secret.
  • Find an interesting-looking stone and do a rubbing of it.
  • Identify a minibeast!
  • Feed a squirrel. Do you think you can?
  • Have a refreshing ice-cream in Studfold’s shop.
  • And one especially for the adults - sit and admire the amazing Yorkshire Dales views with a cuppa!


Studfold fairy