Welcome to Studfold Adventure Trail

Made especially for enquiring, little minds, Studfold Adventure and Fairy Trail has wonders at every turn, and amazing nature facts to learn. Nothing in fairyland is ever straightforward, so be prepared! You might find some surprises are larger than life in this exciting Yorkshire Dales adventure!

Fairy ring at Studfold Adventure Trail

Magic really is everywhere on the Studfold Adventure and Fairy Trail; you just need to know where to look for it! Discover amazing sounds at the listening logs, and learn how shadows tell the time. But first you’ll have to journey through the fox’s mouth, go by the trail keeper’s cottage and find the clues to take you through the gate to where the fairies live. But how many curious pixie and fairy doors can you count? We never get the same number twice. And in spring and summer there are so many that we’re sure the fairies come to Studfold for their holidays too!

Visitors to Studfold Adventure Trail

Do you ever wonder where the gold at the end of the rainbows comes from? Or what it would be like to sit in a giant’s chair? If you’re extra-quiet near the bird hide, you’ll see some feathered friends, before rambling through the wildflower meadows and jumping about in the play park. Don’t forget the smelly-feely-boxes along the way, and to make your special picture in the frame at the top of the hill. And that’s before you ride the go-karts, tractors and play in the sandpit! 

It’s easy to lose yourself at Studfold. Against the amazing backdrop of Nidderdale in the Yorkshire Dales, magic creeps in to take you to another realm. There are many scenic places to sit just so you can breathe it all in! Enjoy a cuppa at our honesty-box shelter, visit our Nidderdale Way Cafe for delicious lumps of homemade cake and snacks. And you’re welcome to bring your picnic, or order one from the cafe when you arrive. Either way, we’ll deliver it to you on the trail, free of charge!

If you’re planning a trip to Studfold, here are some helpful reminders to make sure you get the most out of your visit:

  • Bring your listening ears and twinkly eyes to see and hear all the magic
  • Bring your pixie or fairy dressing-up clothes, or you can buy fairy wings from our shop
  • Bring your dog if you would like to, but please remember to keep them on their lead
  • Bring your excited, smiley face

When you arriveStudfold Clue Sheets

Come and say hello! Visit our friendly staff at Reception to pick up your special cluesheet for maximum magic and fairy discoveries and adventure. We have different ones for different age groups

If you bring your cluesheet back completed, you might get an extra surprise.

Parents and carers please note, that although the Adventure Trail is extremely safe, children must be supervised at all times by an adult. Go-karts are unsupervised, and helmets must be worn. We kindly ask that you please observe all our safety notices and refer to the Trail Rules for details.

It is now essential to book your Trail visit in advance using our online booking system. This allows us to manage the number of visitors on the Trail at any one time, ensuring everyone has a fantastic experience.

Download our Adventure Trail leaflet.

Studfold fairies and pixies